Friday, December 18, 2009


We had a bit of a fire last night. We bought our house from a little old lady who lived there for 80 years. She had a relatively new stove – purchased in 2006 and by the looks of it the oven had never been used. Scott was coming home around 7:30, and since it was so cold and late, I thought I’d just put a frozen pizza in the oven – you know quick and easy.

So, Scott got home and I started preheating the oven. After a few minutes, we noticed a peculiar smell. We figured it was because the oven had never been used. A few minutes after that, the smoke alarm went off, and I look in the window of the oven, where there was a spectacular fire!!! I knew there was nothing stored in the oven – I checked. I also knew it would be a bad idea to open it until the flames went out. I’ve killed some Tupperware in my time…

So the flames go out and I open the drawer under the stove. The drawer that is used for storage. You know, you put your cookie sheets or frying pans down there. The drawer that I hadn’t bothered to open yet because there was just so much more pressing stuff to do. So I open the drawer and find a broiling pan, on top of which is a black pile of ash. If I had to guess, I would say it had once been the owners manual. I pull out the broiling pan and put it into the sink. Pounded into the metal bottom of the drawer is a very important message. “DO NOT USE FOR STORAGE”.

I blame the little old lady.

Pizza turned out pretty good, actually!


Yoyo said...

Thank goodness it wasn't anything worse than that! So, if you're not supposed to use it for storage, what is that drawer for???? Is it just to make the stover reach the floor and not have an oven four feet deep??? We put pots n' pans in ours??

Kat said...

I think is a broiler, because that's what happened to my manual! Yikes!

Yoyo said...

Ahhhh. On some stoves it is a broiler. Not on mine though it's just a drawer....yeah, I would guess if there was a burner in the top I probably wouldn't be putting things in it, but I'm still glad it wasn't so bad.