Sunday, December 18, 2011

6 fat men update

Here is my progress on 6 fat men. I have been trying to get in the Christmas spirit, but it's going to be tough this year without Mom and Scott's mom. To have lost them both this year is so hard.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

I surrender to the 6 fat men!!!

It finally happened.  I have been looking at the Lizzie*Kate 6 fat men series for a while, but thought, "No, I have so many other things I need and want to finish."

So I soldiered on... for a while...  But then I thought, "I don't have to do the entire series, maybe just 'Snow Day'".  $$$

Tried not to think about it any more, but then my sister came for Thanksgiving and we went stashing, and 'Snow Friends' fell into my basket. $$$

But, "I'm not doing the whole thing, just those two", I said to myself.  Until last night, when I realized if I stitched it over one on 28 ct, I have juuuuuust enough Night Magic by Sassy's Fabbys to accomodate the design.


So, I printed out the free border, and started it:

I still only have the 2 charts, but the rest are on my wish list.  I'm committed now!

(Those little white tootsies belong to Mayhem, who was trying to get to the penny.)