Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Festival of mutants

I took the bus to work today. My car is at the shop and I did not want to work from home unless I absolutely had to, and I could take a bus, so I did. The ride to work was okay, actually. It was the trip home that scared me. I had to wait in the terminal for the bus to arrive, and I have never seen so much drama in my life. I spent the while time sitting there trying to not meet anyone's eye. I can't even recall what everyone was arguing about, all I know was it was loud and it was ugly. At one point a guy came in and started talking to his friend (they all seemed to know each other) about his new job at McDonalds. I respect people who work at McDonalds - I worked there myself. It's a lot of work for not much money. The funny part was when the guy said "Yeah, I have a friend who is a manager there and HE TOTALLY HOOKED ME UP!!!"

I wil NEVER think of a McDonalds job as any kind of hookup.

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