Sunday, September 14, 2008

Family Sunday

Today I am going to a birthday party for my 2 nieces, who turned 4 and 5 this month. We are giving them book and art supplies instead of toys. They have enough toys.

Yesterday we went to the bank to get the mortgage process started. We opened a joint savings account to start saving for the down payment. We realld should have done this a long tim ago, but it's done now and that's the point. We have been concentrating for the past year on paying down our debt, and we are making some real good progress. If things go the way they have been, I will be down to 1 credit card payment per month by the end of October. At the beginning of this year, I was paying off 3 a month. The scary part of this whole thing is that I don't use this card anymore, and it will still take me a year to get it all paid off. Just saying it out loud is frightening. But, I am on my way and I am excited about the prospect of being debt free....until we get our house...

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