Thursday, March 6, 2008

Busy Kitty

I did not blog yesterday because I had to work late. Part of my job involves computer programming and we were changing the way we were going to deliver a weekly newspaper product (until today, we mailed it, now we have home delivery). The deadline for this project was actually a week ago, and I set it then because I knew I would have a hard time getting corporate support. Our company is currently being sold (as part of the Wall Street Journal sale) so all the corporate programmers will be out of work soon, so they really have no interest in helping the individual sites get their projects done. Yes, it sucks. So, yesterday, I was forced to wait until the very last second before I was able to proceed with my conversion. And since I have an hour commute I did not get home until after 10 PM.

The good news is that the project was a success and now my boss will leave me alone for the rest of this week (And I realize that means it's only tomorrow, but it's still a break!). He even let me leave 2 hours early today! Yay! I spent my free time purchasing my favorite imported cross stitch magazines! I have a subscription to the first one but it does not start until next month (but I already got my first issue. I know, strange).

So, I have BB9 to watch and Survivor to watch tonight, which I will do while working on HN. Later!!!

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