Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Progress on The Raven

So after I finished my anniversary piece, I picked up The Raven by Lavender Wings again.  I started this on 10-31-10 as part of a SAL with the 123 message board group and once I got the birds stitched, I put it down to concentrate on My Family Sampler.  Well, Halloween is fast approaching so I decided to pick it back up.  The words took about a week to do, mostly because I have to remove my glasses to work on this piece - it's a bit small and I'm nearsighted (I can't see far away - is that nearsighted?)  My goal is to complete this by 10-31-11 so I can start the new Raven piece by La D Da - since there is only a very simple boarder left to stitch, this should be no problem.  I'm going to use the same material, so they will be companion pieces.


Chris said...

Beautiful stitching Kat. I think you will definitely get this one finished so you can start the new La-D-Da piece.

Natasha said...

Great stitching. I like that design. You and I have the same last name, well its my Maiden name :)