Sunday, October 26, 2008

22 days later

I have not blogged in 3 weeks but I have a good reason. I was recently diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency. Number one symptom is fatigue, number one cause is lack of sunshine. I would love to say I have been outside in the sun instead of blogging, but the truth is, I have been doing the minimum to get by and then either going to bed early or laying on the couch watching tv. Depressing...

But, since I got the call from my PCP, I have been faithfully taking my supplement and even though it has been only a few days, I am starting to perk up. Could be all in my head, but who cares as long as I am feeling better.

A lot has happened in the past 22 days, most disturbing is that my car was broken into. That pretty much sucked, but the experience reminded me how much i have to be grateful for. Enough said.

Speaking if grateful, I have to say my hubs is the best! For a while, we have been struggling with storage issues, mostly concerning my clothes. Our apartment has built in drawers and closets, and one would think it was space saving, but I have such a hard time getting the drawers open and closed (the house is over 100 years old and the carpentry work was...well....shoddy), that we decided to do something different. Here are the finished results:

We got the materials at Ikea, and spent a total of $30.00 for the metal shelves, the large boxes on the top and bottom, and smaller boxes in the middle. We still plan to hang a curtail rod and a curtain to hide the shelving, but even if we left it as is, I think it looks fine. Before we did this, there used to be a television in that spot - a lot of wasted space, since I have stopped watching television in bed.

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Tom said...

Very classy. Why cover it with a curtain ?